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Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning


A range of products for industrial maintenance and cleaning including cleaners, anti-seize, lubricant, release agents and sprays.

Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning Products available

There are 14 different products in the Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning category.

Tygris R212 Clear Penetrating Oil

Tygris R212 Clear Penetrating Oil

Prices from £60.00 +VAT each

to aid the removal and freeing of seized nuts and bolts

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Tygris Chain and Wire Lubricant

Tygris Chain and Wire Lubricant

Prices from £60.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R220 is a heavy duty, molybdenum disulphide reinforced lubricant which penetrates deeply into drive chains and wire ropes to give long lasting lubrication, preventing corrosion, wear and chain elongation. It gives outstanding performance under extreme load and is resistant to fling off.

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Tygris White Grease with PTFE - R223

White Grease with PTFE

Prices from £120.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R223 is a premium quality anhydrous calcium based grease for use in applications requiring good water resistance.

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Non-Silicone Mould Release Agent - R225

Non-Silicone Mould Release Agent

Prices from £96.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R225 is a non-silicone release agent for use in the Plastic Moulding industry, where further finishing processes are to be carried out.

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Clear Grease - R226

Clear Grease

Prices from £120.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R226 is used on chains and moving metal parts.

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Clear Polymer Chain Lubricant - R228

Clear Polymer Chain Lubricant

Prices from £120.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R228 is a clear, polymer based lubricant which is used on chains and sprockets, pins and bushes where its anti-fling performance is important and where a clear invisible film is necessary for cosmetic reasons.

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Drive and Bearing Lubricant - R229

Drive and Bearing Lubricant

Prices from £102.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R229 is an effective lubricant for the lubrication of chains, bearings and wire ropes.

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Clear Silicone Grease - R230

Clear Silicone Grease

Prices from £136.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R230 is waterproof silicone based grease which is very effective for the insulation of electrical components and parts as well as being an excellent sealant against moisture.

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Super Lube Extreme Pressure - R232

Super Lube Extreme Pressure

Prices from £150.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R232 is a PTFE reinforced lubricant with excellent penetrating properties.

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Electrical Cleaner - R235

Electrical Cleaner

Prices from £120.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R235 is an alcohol based cleaning solvent designed for use in the electronics and switchgear industries and is suitable for cleaning most electrical apparatus.

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PTFE Dry Film Lubricant - R237

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant

Prices from £160.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R237 is an effective dry film non-staining lubricant for use where wet oils would be undesirable.

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Aluminium Anti-Seize - R233

Aluminium Anti-Seize

Prices from £172.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R233 is a high temperature multi purpose blend of heat stable lubricant and anti-seize compound used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, marine and construction applications, helping to eliminate seizure, pitting and rusting of components exposed to heat.

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Copper Anti-Seize - R234

Copper Anti-Seize

Prices from £172.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R234 is an anti-sieze which gives outstanding overall metal protection against heat, rust, seizure and corrosion.

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Leak Detector - R236

Leak Detector

Prices from £102.00 +VAT for a pack of 12

Tygris R236 is an inoffensive, non-corrosive foam used in the inspection of pipework to prevent leaks passing unnoticed with potentially dangerous effects.

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