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SMART epoxy concrete repair back in stock.. find it under concrete repair

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Make the "SMART" choice to fix that concrete

Have you tried the Janerol "SMART" Epoxy concrete crack floor repair?

What is it I hear you say? ….a 2 part epoxy resin specifically designed for the repair of cracks and holes in concrete.

Why is it Smart?

….because its so easy to mix and use that anybody can repair those damaged dangerous floors.

….because it cures quickly, allowing for less downtime on the factory/ warehouse floor so saving time and money.

….because unlike cementitious repairs it leaves a glossy surface that allows tyres to easily glide over the fixed concrete and doesn't get scrubbed out.

….because by doing it yourself you are saving time and money by not paying for a contractor (who will probably be using it anyway!).

….because by mending that hole or crack you are preventing a potentially hazardous trip or expensive repair at a later date.

SO MAKE THE SMART DECISION and give it a go.

You will easily find it on the menu page under concrete repair.


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One of the leading industrial paint and epoxy suppliers in the UK, offering key epoxies for the repair and renovation of factory/ warehouse floors.

Established since 1995, we have been advising and supplying specialised floor repair and paints to industry, leisure and logistics companies throughout the UK. As a family run business, we value every customer and their needs, and pride ourselves on being able to offer friendly, expert advice to every customer no matter their business size or spend.

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