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Tygris Bright Zinc Galv Spray

Bright Zinc Galve SprayR224       400mlQuick drying zinc protective coatingZinc is a sacrificial metal and will prevent oxidisation and corrosion. Resins in the coating cause it to bond firmly to... Read more (Prices from £78.00)

Zinc Galvanising Spray Heavy Duty

Zinc Galvanising Spray Heavy DutyR239       400mlDurable zinc protector and primerThe sacrificial properties of zinc contribute to an effective defence against oxidisation should the coating beco... Read more (Prices from £84.00)

Tygris Galvshield

GalvShield+ TC208, TC219800ml, 1.9ltrCold Galvanising Zinc-Rich ProtectionTYGRIS GalvShield+ is a single compone... Read more (Prices from £84.95)

Bright Zinc Cold Galvanise

... Read more (Prices from £60.00)

Self Adhesive Flexible Anti Slip Tape includes Extra Wide for stair treads

Flexible anti slip tape that can be used both in and outdoors. Suitable for use around the base of machinery, on treads, fire escapes,boat decks etc.Black or Yellow. Black available in extra wide 100mm. Self adhes... Read more (Prices from £27.95)

Tygris NSF Silicone Spray

H1 registered for use in food environmentsSilicone based - an alternative to traditional oilsColourless and odourlessNon-staining and non-taintingWide temperature rangeExcellent release p... Read more (Prices from £84.00)

Tygris NSF Foaming Cleaner

Benefits... Read more (Prices from £72.00)

Tygris NSF Chain Spray

Being non-toxic and water resistant it is ideal when used on food conveyor systems requiring ... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Tygris NSF De-watering Anti-Rust Spray

H1 Registered for use in food environmentsPTFE based for effective moisture displacementUse for light lubricationLeaves a fi... Read more (Prices from £84.00)

Tygris NSF Penetrating Oil

... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Synthetic Ejector Pin Lubricant NSF

What is the difference between IS40 and IS45?IS40 is a very 'tacky' product which works great at lower temperatures - it really sticks to the pins which greatly reduces transfer to moulded parts, thus s... Read more (Prices from £180.00)

Tygris Label Remover NSF

BenefitsK3 RegisteredDissolves gums and adhesives from self adhesive labelsSuitable for most surfacesLeaves no residuesHigh penetrating power360° valve for inverte... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Fast Dry Solvent Cleaner NSF

... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Tygris White Grease NSF Aerosol

BenefitsH1 Registered for use in food environmentsContains anti-wear additives for long component lifeWater resistant - suitable where frequent washing down of equipment is requiredCorros... Read more (Prices from £120.00)

Tygris Multi-Lube Food Grade Lube NSF

BenefitsH1 Registered for use in food processing environmentsEffective over a wide temperature rangeGood water displacementGood penetration propertiesEffective corrosion res... Read more (Prices from £112.00)

Tygris Electrical Cleaner NSF F406

BenefitsK2 Registered for use in food environmentsSolvent dries off in approximately 2 minutesLeaves no residueSafe for use on most plastic or painted surfacesEffectively re... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

PTFE Dry Film Lubricant NSF

BenefitsH1 Registered for use in food environmentsPTFE- based lubricant for excellent anti-stick propertiesUse to lubricate links - pins and slidesEffective release agentNon... Read more (Prices from £84.00)

Tygris Stainless Steel Cleaner NSF

BenefitsA7 Registered for use in or around food processing environmentsFor use on metal surfacesCleans and polishes in one actionRestores surface to original lustreNon-abras... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Tygris Synthetic Chain Lubricant NSF

Resistant to water wash off and acids, it has been specially formulated for use on slow and fast moving chains.... Read more (Prices from £112.00)

Tygris Sticky Label Remover

... Read more (Prices from £60.00)

Tygris Graffiti Remover – Viscous

BenefitsThixotropic to aid in clinging to vertical surfacesWater washableSlow drying for better penetrationRemoves paint - biro and felt tip penEasily appliedNon-ch... Read more (Prices from £72.00)

Clear Acrylic Lacquer

For sealing and protecting electronics, metal, wood, and paper documents, leaving a smooth, tra... Read more (Prices from £144.00)

Glass & Mirror Cleaner

It is powerful enough to remove nicotine, fingermarks, insects, lipstick and much more, making ... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

For use on all water resistant, non porous surfaces, the foaming action aids in clinging to ver... Read more (Prices from £96.00)

Barrier Cream

Contains conditioners, humectants and emollients to retain skin freshness and replenish moistur... Read more (Prices from £114.00)

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One of the leading industrial paint and epoxy suppliers in the UK, offering key epoxies for the repair and renovation of factory/ warehouse floors.

Established since 1995, we have been advising and supplying specialised floor repair and paints to industry, leisure and logistics companies throughout the UK. As a family run business, we value every customer and their needs, and pride ourselves on being able to offer friendly, expert advice to every customer no matter their business size or spend.

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